There are so many reasons to visit Berlin. Here are just a few of them.


Berlin is a city full of contrasts. Instead of one centrally placed city-centre, Berlin is composed of many districts, each with their own particular atmosphere.
There is something for everyone: the historical buildings of the Museum Island, the chic café's of Mitte, the Turkish flair of Kreuzberg, with its alternative scene, the gay culture and liberal atmosphere of Schöneberg, the Kulturforum in the Tiergarten district with its fantastic permanent collection of European Art, the Philharmonic Hall and Berlin's biggest and most famous park, the clubs and bars of Neukölln, the shopping on Ku'damm and so on......

Berlin is international! It is currently home to more than 400,00 foreigners who have come here to live and work and to participate in the creative atmosphere encouraged by cheap rents. Berlin is a fascinating and lively mix of various different cultures and nationalities.

Berlin is history! There are traces of different epochs to be discovered throughout the city: Prussia, the time of the Empire, the roaring 20's and the Second World War, the times of the Berlin wall and the GDR.

Berlin is culture! No other German city can compete with Berlin in terms of culture. Berlin offers a fabulous mixture of large-scale, state funded cultural events and independent low-budget productions of fringe theatre, performance arts and exhibitions. There are concerts to suit almost all musical tastes, also regular jazz and film festivals.

Berlin is party! Especially in the summer when Berliners can always find something to celebrate: Street festivals, grill-parties, Karneval der Kulturen, May the first, birthdays and thousands of other reasons. Many party into the summer dawn, the night life in Berlin is in a class of its own.
Berlin is simply geil.

And finally: the weather

Summer in Berlin is short but (usually) hot. The days are long and the town is full of happy tourists. During the long, cold winter the days are short, the streets empty and the clubs are full. If you want to find out more about the current weather in Berlin, you can do so here.

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