Cultural programme

Discover Berlin!

Our courses in July and August are supplemented by a varied cultural and recreational programme. This includes tours of the city and visits to museums as well as trips out of Berlin into the beautiful surrounding countryside as well as sporting activities. In addition to the "classics", such as boat trips through the city, an excursions to the famous parks of Potsdam or a walk along the site of the Berlin wall we also offer activities that are related to the contemporary Berlin cultural scene.
Our "trend scouts" are always up to date on the latest trends......

And to make sure that it doesn't all become too serious we also offer parties to suit all tastes, from barbecue in the parks to checking out the latest celler clubs. Tandem parties are legendary !

During the summer courses we offer 3 or 4 optional activities a week, taking place either in the afternoon or evening.
In a few cases transportation costs or entrance fees are have to be paid extra by the student.

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Regular courses from September to July:

Outside the summer months we don't offer a regular cultural or recreational programme.
However, sometimes there are group activities such as excursions or visits to exhibitions and last not least the regular pub meetings ("Stammtisch") to talk (in German of course) and have fun.


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