Unterkunft in Berlin, Deutschland We offer furnished rooms in private flats in Berlin, enabling you to be able to reasonably priced accommodation that in addition gives you a much more direct experience of Berlin life.
All rooms offered to our students have been first checked for suitability by tandem staff.

The accommodation offered is centrally located, with a maximum travelling time of 35 minutes using public transport. Only very few guest rooms are within walking distance of the school.
You will have a single room. The rooms are all furnished with the use of kitchen and bathroom facilities.

The landlord/landlady: Usually the flat is shared, with either a single person, a couple or a single parent with a child or children. The age of the landlord/lady is usually somewhere between 30 and 60.
Arrival: You can move into the room the day before the course begins; and most people move out the day after the course ends.
It is very difficult to arrange private accommodation
in Berlin for a long-term stay (i.e. more than two months). As,such, we can not always promise to find a host. For those, who wish to take up permanent residence in Berlin, which requires the appropriate official state residency registration,  accommodation must be independently organised.

Your particular requests regarding accommodation:
Please let us know of any particular accommodation requests when you sign up for a language course, (smoking or non-smoking accommodation, with or without pets) and we can organise it for you. More specific requests such as accommodation in a certain district or the number and/or age of flatmates are not always possible to fulfil.
We will let you know the address of you accommodation, along with other relevant information such as the exact weekly rent, well in advance of the course start by email.

The exact weekly rent depends on the location and the quality of the accommodation; i.e. the size and standard of furnishing in the room.
The rent is usually paid directly to the landlord/lady.
Fee for accommodation search: 70,- €  is paid to Tandem Berlin.

Duration Price for a single room
2 weeks 220,- to 250,-€
3 weeks 320,- to 350,-€
4 weeks 390,- to 440,-€
Additional weeks  90,-  to 110,-€

Airport transfer on arrival: EUR 80,-    Trainstation transfer on arrival: EUR 50,-

In addition we can find rooms in hotels or hostels or complete furnished flats in Berlin. These are more expensive than single rooms.
Further information can be found under our "accommodation info".




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