City hopping

City-Hopping – German courses for travellers

There are nine Tandem language schools in Germany; they all offer effective, high quality teaching in a friendly atmosphere. Weltzeituhr
City Hopping is a joint project of the German schools. Learn German while discovering Germany. From Cologne to Hamburg, from Frankfurt to Berlin, from Bremen to Göttingen, from one German course to another...set off on a great language tour! All German Tandem language schools except Bielefeld offer these combination courses.

Weekly price: € 145
German intensive course, 20 class units per week (1 unit = 45 min.)
Weekly price with accommodation: € 290
Private accommodation in shared apartment, single room, self-catering.

Enrolment here  

Processing of a 'combi-course' is carried out by the school you attend first. Details such as course times, course material or accommodation vary from school to school and town to town.

Would you like to have more information? Have a look  at the Tandem Germany website !
Or go directly to the German Tandem schools in



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