Levels + Exams


The levels of our courses conform to the Common European Framework of Reference of Languages (CEFR).
We offer five ongoing courses from A1 (absolute beginner) to C1 (very proficient language use).
Each level consists of 160 teaching hours (= 8 weeks intensive course of 20 lessons per week). The C2 course is not always available (please check first!).

A1 You will be able to understand and use easy phrases.
A2 You will be able to communicate in situations of everyday life.
B1 You will be able to communicate about most topics using easy language.
B2 You will be able to understand more complex texts and communicate about special interest topics.
C1 You will be able to understand difficult texts and to communicate spontaneously and fluent..
C2 Your language skills will be (almost) as good as those of native speakers.


Official examinations: 

  Our language school is a certified examination centre and carries out language examinations on behalf of telc (The European Language Certificates).
telc language certificates are recognised throughout Europe. There are examinations for each level. Each individual telc examination satisfies the levels as set out in the reference framework, GER.
Tandem Berlin mainly offers examinations for levels B1, B2 and C1.
The examinations take place at least every eight weeks at Tandem Berlin, always in the final week of a course module (R1 to R5). Besides we offer additional dates.

Examination fees:
B1 + B2: Course participants 100 €,  others 120 €
C1:         Course participants 130 €,  others 145 €

Registration must be made at the latest one month before the examination date.
Later inscriptions are till 10 days before the exam with an extra fee of 15€.




Deadline for enrollment    

Examination fess



100€/ Others 120€ Contact



100€/ Others 120€ Contact



130€/ Others145€  Contact

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