Visa Information

2005 05090017In case you have to apply for visa, you should contact the German Embassy or a German Consulate. There you will be informed about the requirements you have to meet. Those students who are nationals of a country within the European Union do not need a visa to enter Germany.

In some countries you will be requested to prove that you have knowledge of German already. Besides that it may be requested that you pay your language course(s) in advance.
If a visa is granted, you will have to attend classes regularly. Please note that you have to sign up for 20 lessons (of 45 min.) per week at least.
One of the many requirements for the granting of a student visa is the school enrolment confirmation. Tandem Berlin will send you this confirmation upon receipt of your enrolment and deposit of 220€.

Please consider that it can take up to a couple of months until you receive your visa from the consulate.

Tandem Berlin cannot guarantee the granting of a student visa or in any way influence the outcome or duration of your visa application.
If you don't have a valid visa please send us the letter of refusal from the relevant embassy. We will then refund your course fee, minus bank charges and a 100 euro administration fee.

Information of the German Foreign Office about Visa here

Information for university Students:


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