Tandem exchange

What is a Tandem partnership?

To prevent any misunderstanding from the start: the tandem partnership is not an integral part of the language course, it is a separate and complimentary addition to it.

How does it work?
Two native speakers of different languages each want to improve their knowledge of a particular foreign language. Therefore, they meet regularly in their free time to talk together in one or the other language.
All that's required is:
1. At least a basic knowledge of the foreign language you want to practice.
2. The willingness to practice a native language with the other person.
3. A little patience – sometimes it takes time to find a suitable partner.

The first step: just fill out the questionnaire at our school office. Then we can start to search. Once we have found someone, we will arrange the first meeting together here in our office.
Costs: this service is free of charge for those taking part in our language courses, otherwise there is an administration fee of 5 €, to be paid when a tandem partner has been found.
Sometimes there isn't a language partner for the requested language, so we cannot guarantee a match.

You can find more information about Tandem language exchange at the TANDEM Fundazioa website.

tandem App:
The Tandem app is the largest global community for language learners. Members of the community form one-on-one Tandem partnerships to teach each other their native languages for free via text, audio and video chat. Added features like message correction and in-app translations make it even easier for you to learn from your mistakes and extend your vocabulary. Choose from 150+ languages, connect with like-minded people and reach fluency in no time! Find out more at www.tandem.net


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