Tandem exchange

What is a Tandem partnership?

To prevent any misunderstanding from the start: the tandem partnership is not an integral part of the language course, it is a separate and complimentary addition to it.

How does it work?
Two native speakers of different languages each want to improve their knowledge of a particular foreign language. Therefore, they meet regularly in their free time to talk together in one or the other language.
All that's required is:
1. At least a basic knowledge of the foreign language you want to practice.
2. The willingness to practice a native language with the other person.
3. A little patience – sometimes it takes time to find a suitable partner.

The first step: just fill out the questionnaire at our school office in Bötzowstrasse 26 . Then we can start to search. Once we have found someone, we will arrange the first meeting together here in our office.

Costs: this service is free of charge for those taking part in our language courses, otherwise there is an administration fee of 5 €, to be paid when a tandem partner has been found.
Sometimes there isn't a language partner for the requested language, so we cannot guarantee a match.
A tandem is only available in exceptional cases for persons staying in Berlin for less than 4 weeks.

You can find more information about Tandem language exchange at the TANDEM Fundazioa website.


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